1. General Information about the Provider

BetOnline has existed as a company since 2004 on the market. In 2012 the bookmaker took over the site SportsBetting for Sport Bets. SportsBetting was considered a specialist for American Sports up until then. BetOnline is seated in Panama City. The bookie is also licensed and is regulated from the local authorities. On the Betting Portfolio of BetOnline are sports such as baseball, soccer, ice hockey, football and basketball. As an expansion there is a separate area for betting on horse races. The focus is clearly on English speaking sports betting fans. The setup of the website mirrors this focus

2. Information about Registration

The log in area for the registration can be found in the upper right corner of the site. The button with the words “Click to join‘‘ is hard to miss. With a single click on the button the Sports Betting fans are brought directly to an online form. Here there are numerous input fields such as name, address and email address. In the next step the new customers click on “Click here to create account ‘‘ to finish up the registration. The bookie then sends an Email to verify the email address given by the customer with user name and link to verify. This later needs to be confirmed to finish the process. The sports betting comparison showed that BetOnline hands out the user names automatically. With other bookmaker platforms the users can mostly choose their own user names.

3. Information about the Website

At first glance the website makes a clear and clean impression. This is also helped by the color choice. The bookmaker here is using black and red. Through that BetOnline can make a strong contrast with the color choice and leaves out unneeded blinking popups. This helps above all for quicker loading times. This is mirrored in the sports betting comparison. The overall construction of the website is clear and intuitive.

In the header the sports betting fans can choose from the single headings. On the right side of the starting page there is a shortened version of the opening account available. If the users are registered and logged in, they can profit from the complete BetOnline program. The menu can be found on the left side and within are all of the offered sports visible. With a single click on the appropriate register the customers are brought to the various Leagues. The odds are shown in the middle of the screen. With the odds the user can already adjust several settings. Here is also the display of the decimal odds possible. The carry over onto the bet ticket is done without any problems. With a single click on the odds it is automatically carried over to the Bet Ticket. Finally, the preferred Bet Type needs to be chosen. For many sports betting fans this may seem to be complicated. After a short adaption time however it works well, this is shown in the sports betting test.

4. Bet Selection and Odds

The selection of bets has a wide range, aiming however primarily at the US-American sports. Fans of Leagues like the NFL, NBA, MLMS or MLB will find themselves at home. Additionally, other selectable sports betting in the areas ice hockey, soccer, boxing or tennis are available. There is also a separate section for horse racing bets. Although the quick four legged friends can only be bet on in the US- American races. In soccer the betting selection is not as extensive in comparison to other bookies. This result was shown in the sports betting test. The sports betting fans could bet on various European Leagues but the selection is strongly limited here. There are also few special bets to be found.

With the Pay-out margins BetOnline cannot be criticized. In the top matches the odd key is around 95 percent and more. This is limited mostly to sport events in the USA. By the Betting Selection for non-American Sports the margin lies far below. In the sports betting comparison this weighs down negatively.

5. Live-Betting Program

On BetOnline there is an extensive selection of various live bets. Above all offered for the North American Professional leagues. For professional soccer there are also numerous Live Betting offers. There is currently no live stream to enjoy. This does not impress in the sports betting comparison, seeing as other bookmakers offer more for their customers.

6. Features and Tools

Next to the various betting offers there is also an extensive online casino offered by BetOnline. Along with the table games the sports betting fans can also play on interesting slot machines. The highlight here is above all the 3D slots. They promise a lot of fun with complex graphics.

BetOnline helps the sports betting fans with the bet tax. The bookmaker pays the 5 percent to the officials and that way more is left of the winnings for the players.

7. Mobile Betting

The bookmaker offers a mobile site as well. This is available through the normal web browser. The sports betting fans are rewarded the first time they log in and place a bet over the mobile website. BetOnline then pays a bonus of maximum 50 US-Dollars. The navigation through the online selection is made simple, the use is intuitive. Here the language is also English. All of the important categories are represented. Included are sportsbook, horses, casino and poker. With the mobile version, the users have direct access to their customer account.

8. Customer Service

The customer service is available only in English. Next to the live chat there is also support available through email and telephone to choose from. The live chat is available 24/7. The telephone hotline is available during service hours. Here it can cost extra for German customers due to the location. Even so the customer service makes a good impression in the sports betting comparison. The staff is well trained and friendly. The answers to the questions are sound. The only down side in the sports betting test is that English as the only language available. Above all, customers without strong English will have problems here.

9. Payment Options

The payment options on BetOnline are very numerous. Next to Credit Card, Paysafecard, Neteller, Skrill, Sofortüberweisung or ClickandBuy the virtual currency bitcoins are also available. Here the bookie makes a praiseworthy exception to the trend in Sports Betting comparison. Bitcoins are not yet accepted from many providers. The transfers from BetOnline are completely free of charge. This also applies to the payouts. With the numerous payment options the bookmaker grants the wishes of the customers and gets a positive result from the sports betting test.

10. Bonus Offers

The bonus program from BetOnline doesn’t need to hide from the offers of other bookmakers. New customers receive a 25 percent bonus up to a maximum of 1000 US-Dollars. This is available over the first account payment of 50 US-Dollars or higher. To have the bonus paid out, the sports betting fans need to place a bet with it six times without a minimum odd. The bonus does not count for the horse races. With that the bonus requirements are very customer friendly and because of this BetOnline scores well in the sport betting comparison. The bonus can be requested by a bonus code. This is to be used and entered directly at the payment.

By the mobile usage is a one-time bonus offered to users. This can be up to 50 US-Dollars on the first payment sum. If the sports betting fans lose their first placed bet, BetOnline pays the maximum sum of 50 US-Dollars back. The requirements of a payout with this bonus amount is the same as the regular bonus program.

11. Conclusion

The bookmaker concentrates its betting selection above all on the US sport types and fans of American Sports. Although European Sport Events are present they are nowhere near as strongly represented. Professional soccer receives a place here as well. In comparison to other bookmakers however this is minimally present. BetOnline receives point above all for it’s good margins in the sport betting test. They mostly hold well above 95 Percent. However, this is only for American sporting events. Other sporting events such as soccer or boxing are offered with a payout odd key of 91-92 Percent on average. In sports betting comparison the customer service has a positive image. This however is only in English and therefore not suitable for all customers. Even then it is almost around the clock accessible through various communication methods.


  • Extensive Betting Selection for US-American Sports
  • High odds
  • Good Customer Service
  • Numerous Payment Options
  • Numerous Bonus Options
  • Mobile Usage


  • Customer Service only in English
  • Limited selection of European Sports

1. General Information about the Provider BetOnline has existed as a company since 2004 on the market. In 2012 the bookmaker took over the site SportsBetting for Sport Bets. SportsBetting was considered a specialist for American Sports up until then. BetOnline is seated in Panama City. The bookie is also…

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Web page - 9
Mobile App - 8
Bonus offer - 8
Live Betting - 6.5
Sport Coverage - 6.5


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