1. Information about the provider

Betfair is a British bookmaker who was founded in 1999. Four years ago it started being active on the German market. In 2010 betfair also decided to take the step into the British stock exchange. The license was received in Gibraltar, where betfair has its headquarters, from there it reaches the British market very successfully. Its success in the royal kingdom brought betfair many awards and prizes out of the economics sector. For soccer fans, betfair comes to mind as a sponsor of various clubs. FC Barcelona, Bayer 04 Leverkusen and Manchester United all wore the betfair logo on their chest proudly.

2. Registration information

To register, one simply goes to the homepage. Unfortunately, the service for the German clients are limited. Because of German tax regulations betfair can´t offer fixed quotas for the German sports betting fans. They can register for any other service, betting offer or game. To do so, a click the button on the upper right side of the homepage is necessary. That button links new customers to the registration form. Here, personal information is required. Name, date of birth, residence address and the e-mail address must be declared. After setting a password and the bank information, the users can go on to the next step. They will receive an E-mail with a verification link. Clicking this link will unlock the new account. In comparison to other online providers the registration process is very well received.

3. About the website

Betfair is a very colourful site. A rich yellow guides the clients and the subtle grey and black tones give a round finish to the sites display. In comparison to other betting sites the colour pallet is distinct but sometimes also a little disorienting. On second glance, there is a clear structure to the sites composure. However, there is no classical men to the site. The headline features all the offers in line and some might find the font size too small and therefore hard to decipher. The sports betting test shows, that in this case a different background colour should be implemented.

4. Offers and odds

The range of offers is very extensive. You can clearly notice the British roots of this bookmaker. Next to the Dog-races and horse-races there are a variety of sports to choose from: biking, soccer, rugby, Australian rules or soccer, to name a few. Sports betting fans can not only bet on national, but also many internationals competitions. In addition to sports, one can also put a wager on other topics, such as events in the entertainment sector or in the political sector. The many different betting variants make a whole of the site, according to the sports betting test. There are currently not many bookmakers on the market with this large range of offers. The line bets are just one example of the countless variations of betting options. The odds are also received very positively by the sport betting comparison. The payment key variates always above the 90 percent mark. With these numbers, betfair locates in the higher middle field in comparison to other sites.

5. Live-Betting program

With this bookmaker, live bets even have a separate section. Here it is possible to tip on a variety of competitions; Tennis, Basketball, Football or Cricket. In addition, every day there are a range of events to choose from. However, in this section the offer still has a lot of potential. A live stream is not available for every event yet, but it is featured, which is a positive asset in site-comparison.

6. Features and tools

Next to the sports bets, betfair also offers an online casino section, with many games to choose from: blackjack, poker, baccarat, live video games, to name only a few. Aside from the betting and gaming offerings, betfair also features a free information source in form of a TV-channel.

7. Mobile betting

The sports betting comparison shows a large selection of mobile offers. The bookmaker offers a free app that can be downloaded from the app store. The app works on every type of smartphone. With the app, it is possible to gain access to the current betting offer and the clients account. Additional information about the competitions and stats are not featured. This information can be attained however, by visiting the mobile version of the site. These two separate ways of mobile access satisfied the sports betting test.

8. Customer Service

To reach the customer-service of betfair, you have a few options: There is a live-chat, an E-mail address and a telephone number to choose from. That is a plus in the eyes of the sport betting test. Nevertheless, German clients have to accept a few limitations: There is no separate, free German hotline. Therefore, it can come to additional costs when calling the service hotline. The test shows, that the service-workers are friendly and competent throughout. The response time for an e-mail was at maximum 24 hours, which again shows the competence of the team for the sports betting test.

9. Payment options

When it comes to payment methods, betfair makes a very good impression at first. The sports betting fans can choose to pay with credit card, Paysafecard, ClickandBuy, Skrill or Neteller. What struck the sports betting test was, that a fee was charged for placing a deposit. 1.5 percent for a deposit with PayPal or credit card, 2.5 percent for a deposit with the Paysafecard. For a bank transfer the fee is 5 euro. That is a clear minus in the eyes of the sports betting test, other bookmakers are far more customer-friendly when it comes to this topic.

10. Bonus offers

A bonus offer in the classical sense is not featured by betfair. However, new clients can place their first bet risk free. If they lose their bet, the bookmaker replaces it with up to 20 euro. Because the bonus program is not really existent, the sports betting test ratings aren´t all that well. Another negative highlight is the fact, that the bookmaker differentiates his bonus payments by nationality. The German clients especially have only a limited offer to choose from. Bonus payments are also featured in the online gaming section, via free games. The distinction between nationalities do not resonate well with the sports betting test.

11. Conclusion

The British tradition of this bookmaker primarily shows in the betting offer. Almost no other provider has that range of traditional British sports. Yet the sports betting fans also find an extensive offer all around king- soccer. The odds also speak for the bookmaker, with figures usually above 90 percent. Room for improvement lies in the bonus offers and deposit options, where especially the German clients have a slight disadvantage. To end on a positive note, the customer service is another gem found at betfair. It´s competent and easy to reach.


Many British sports
Odds above 90 percent
Good client support


Payment options not free of charge
German offer limited

1. Information about the provider Betfair is a British bookmaker who was founded in 1999. Four years ago it started being active on the German market. In 2010 betfair also decided to take the step into the British stock exchange. The license was received in Gibraltar, where betfair has its headquarters, from there…

betfair Review

Web page - 7.5
Mobile App - 8.5
Bonus offer - 6.5
Live Betting - 7
Sport Coverage - 7


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