1. Information about the provider

Bet52 is at the moment a young provider on the Sports betting market. The bookmaker was first founded in 2014. The company has its headquarters in Malta. The gambling license was issued to bet52 by the Caribbean Island of Curacao. Since its founding the company has been expanding its various betting offers. There are currently around 50 different sports betting offered. That is why bet52 does not have to hide when it compares itself to other similar Providers. The customers of the company are mostly English speaking friends of betting. Although attempts have been made to make it appealing to German customers, it doesn’t seem to be working completely. The various translations are more bad than right.

2. Registration information

The registration is simply done over the Homepage of the bookmaker. For that the Sports betting fans can find a separate button on the Starting page. This was placed well visible right in the corner of the screen. When the Betting fans click on it, they arrive immediately at the online formula. Here some personal information is required such as Name, Date of Birth, or the Email Address. Even the chosen currency can be selected. At the end the Terms and Conditions need to be read and accepted. When the customers click on the ‘’registration’’ button again the process is almost complete. In the next step the bookmaker sends an Email with a verification link to the given Email address. This then needs to be confirmed by the user. Only after that is the Registration complete and the access to the User`s account is possible.

3. Information about the website

bet52 shows a customer friendly Website and offers its service in several languages. The German customers however are lost here. You may be able to choose the option German from the menu but the translation is lacking. In several areas such as the Information over the Company or the bonus conditions there is no German text available. Despite that it does not affect the general usage, seeing as the Website is intuitive and self-explanatory put together. On the Left hand side of the screen the betting fans can see all of the offered Sports. Also the betting ticket format is clear and well structured. This allows to place the bets in a simple way.

4. Offered bets and bet odds

The bookmaker is currently offering over 50 different Sports with the appropriate betting options. With that it doesn’t need to be shy around the offers of other providers. It is no wonder, that on bet52 professional soccer is in the spotlight. The leather ball doesn’t just roll between the German leagues, but can also be bet on worldwide. In this Sports betting fans have numerous national and international Leagues and games to choose from. Next to Soccer there are still several Sports, which are enjoying more popularity. These include next to basketball also, Ice Hockey and Tennis. Bets can be placed on the typical American Sports or exotic ones such as Surfing, Bandy, Chess or Indoor Soccer. Positive in the comparison of Sports Betting is the possibility to bet on additional Tournaments such as League of Legends, Campions Series, LoL Masters Series, EU LCS and NA LCS. Also the betting offer in the German First League is with over 100 betting options per game very complete. That can also convince in sports betting comparisons.

In the odds bet52 is counted among the best bookmakers on the market despite its short history. On average 94.25 percent is paid out per game. For certain games it can even be even more yet outside of the interesting matchups the margins can fall to under 91 percent.

5. Live-Betting program

In the category of live betting there are several offers available to bet52 customers. And as expected, Soccer is standing in the spotlight. Even then numerous other matches are offered. The representation of this takes place on a separate live ticker. However, until now a live transmission of the game is missing for the sports betting fans by the provider. For some important events however an audio streaming is offered.

Just as good as the live betting portfolio are the Margins. They are also by selected matchups very lucrative and can compete with other bookmakers very well in comparison.

6. Features and tools

Betting on sports isn’t the only hobby offered by bet52. The bookmaker also offers customers additional fun and games in an Online Casino. Here there are numerous table games, including Poker. Crowning the available offer of pretty dressed dealers is also that live games can be made. Additional plus points are gathered by the Bet Tax. Customers do not need to pay this to the Tax Office. The bookmaker takes over this 5 Percent tax on the winnings and with that stays on the good side of the customers.

The company also is not cheap with free information. Current events and news flashes all about sports are abbreviated and summarized right in the starting page of the website.

7. Mobile betting

The sports betting fans do not have to go without the mobile betting possibility. They can easily and comfortably place their bets from anywhere and do not even need an extra App to do so. The bookmaker offers a mobile Website to take care of that. It is comfortably accessed by using an internet connection and the normal browser will automatically transfer to the mobile website and works for all devices. The use and setup of the Mobile version of the site is simple and intuitive. Betting fans can not only see current bet offers, but also access their user`s account or carry out payments. With this solid offer of the mobile service bet52 is on par in comparison with the competition.

8. Customer service

The customer Service of the bet52 is available 24/7. A live-chat allows for quick contact directly over the homepage. Whoever hopes for German Speaking assistance around the clock will be disappointed. This is not always available for customers. Most of all at night or on holidays customer service is only available in English. Questions can also be sent directly to bet52 by using Email. A response normally comes within 24 hours. Also the rule here: A German answer is not always given. For the most important questions the bookmaker offers an extensive FAQ section.

9. Payment options

The Payment options seem to follow the motto of, “mess instead of blocks“. In this area bet52 offers clear options. Payments can be made with Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Neteller or Skrill. Paypal is not available as an option. The bank transfer method is comparably slow. It can take up to 5 days for the money to be added to the account. On a positive note, there are no fees for the various Payment Options.

10. Bonus offers

The sports betting test clearly shows, that the Bonus conditions of bet52 are done somewhat differently. With the first log in the new customers receive a 50 Percent bonus on their first bet. If they lose the bet, bet52 pays back a maximum of 100 Euros of the lost money. The sports betting fans can simply allow the Cashback to be paid out as Credit with an Email to the Customer Service. The Bonus conditions are simple as expected. Bets need to have at least 2 separate tipps with a minimum margin of 1.2. The minimum bet is 10 Euros.

11. Conclusion

The bookmaker that has only been in the market since 2014 has successfully established itself. Especially the various offered sports are something to be proud of. Now more than 50 different sports are being offered. Bet52 can also be proud in the area of Margins. These are on average over 94 Percent and clearly at a very good level. This lets the Provider convince in the sports betting comparison. There is however room for improvement with the page layout. Above all, the Translation into German could be greatly improved upon. The Payment Options are also not satisfactory, because there are only limited options available. Positive is the added online casino to the bookmaker’s assortment. Here the sports betting fans can find a completely different and new betting favor. For that there are several machines and games available.


  • Many offered betting possibilities
  • Option of mobile betting
  • Margins over 94 percent
  • Cashback-Bonus
  • 24/7 Customer Service


  • Homepage is almost completely only in English
  • Minimal payment options

1. Information about the provider Bet52 is at the moment a young provider on the Sports betting market. The bookmaker was first founded in 2014. The company has its headquarters in Malta. The gambling license was issued to bet52 by the Caribbean Island of Curacao. Since its founding the company…

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Web page - 8
Mobile App - 9
Bonus offer - 7
Live Betting - 7.5
Sport Coverage - 9


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