1. Information about the provider

Since 2010, AllYouBet is active on the market and its offshoots are well known companies, such as: AllSlots. This Name will already give you a clue about the core of our business AllSlots: hunting for luck in an online casino. This offers a lot of options for our customers. Not just machines but also table based games are offered. The Casino is not new to AllYouBet. After a successful start without a casino service, the company decided to offer even more products and enable customers to even place bets online. This way AllYouBet was created. Since the platform was put online, it always ran on a software called ‘Tech’. ‘Tech’ is self-explaining and easy to use. Also, sports bet fans noticed, which means that since, the numbers of users have increased more and more.

2. Registration information

One simple ‘click’ on the homepage is more than enough to register with AllYouBet.

This way customers will be taken automatically to a form. The form needs certain information to be able to let the customer register. That information is such: name, address, date of birth and an e-mail address. The form is designed in a very consumer friendly way; therefore, new customers are able to orientate quickly. The only negative aspect is the English lettering within the actual box of the form. Even though, the majority of those boxes are self-explaining, a German lettering would be an advantage. After, filling in all information needed the customer will receive an e-mail from the bookmaker.

Here, the customer will find a link to verify his or her account. When verified, the customer can use any AllYouBet services offered.

3. Information about the website

The design is kept simple, that way the bookmaker has a positive impact. Though, the side effects are shown when focusing on translations. AllYouBet does focus on using as much German vocabulary as possible, although it has not always been possible to get it right.

The majority of offers or information texts are still in English. This can make German users insecure. An example given when talking about ‘Koenig Fußball’. Here, the word most Germans would look for is ‘football’. However, it will be categorized as ‘soccer’. This case shows were the roots of betting comes from: The Americans. Due to the lack of knowledge of German gamblers, AllYouBet loses out.

Also, the odds will show us the roots of the American origin. They are presented in the American standardized way.

This is another example of the differences between the German culture and the American. The way of presenting the odds seems very confusing to German customers.

Also, a homepage test showed us that often the connection is not as good as it should be. Sometimes it does take quite a while to load a graphic. Although, the website does convince us due to its customer friendly structure.

4. Offered bets and bet odds

The offers at AllYouBet are great when focusing on American sports. They do focus on Basketball, Baseball or American Football. But also, Soccer, which is the Germans most favorite sport of them all. Here the bookmaker offers specifically many variations in our products.

In addition to sport events, customers are also able to bet on political events and the American Lottery.

When presenting margins, AllYouBet does not have to hide from other competitors.

The company offers odds that are on a similar level as the competitor’s. Although, the bookmaker does have offers, where margins are pretty different to other bookmakers. Though, this can also turn out to a customer’s benefit.

5. Live-Betting program

The homepage also offers the great option of betting ‘in-play’. The updated offers are presented right in the center. Also, whilst placing bets on in-play events, the offers and services are similar to regular sports bets. Again, the majority is defined by American sports. Just as lucrative will be the odds during in-play events. These are also similar to the competitors offers.

6. Features and tools

AllYouBet offers a casino for extra entertainment to their customers. The games offered are to be found in the category ‘casino’. This way, customers that tempt to place sports bets only, will be able to give the option of playing casino games, too. Customers are able to access games such as slots and table based games.

AllYouBet also offers a mobile version for their casino services.

7. Mobile betting

The Bookmaker offers mobile betting for quite a while now. This is accessible without downloading any sort of App. It is user friendly and designed in a way that using a mobile phone does not cause any technical and optical design complications. Any type of bets is available on the mobile version.

This way customers can access the betting services in an easy and comfortable way, from anywhere. Also, if feeling the urge to have a little go on the casino games – it is more than easy to access them on the mobile version as well. All mobile services are free.

8. Customer service

Customer service can be handled in many different ways. One way is to offer two free hotlines. Also, German customers are able to be served in their mother tongue. Another way is to offer a live-chat option. Here customers chat with high qualified staff in order to solve problems. Of course an e-mail contact is provided as well.

Our customer service has proven itself as more than the average standard and is accessible 24/7.

9. Payment options

AllYouBet tempts to play it safe and offers customers to use their credit cards, Neteller or PaySafe card. There is another option to pay via direct bank transfer. Though, this is not available for German customers. The necessary services are not provided in Germany. Unfortunately, payouts are also a little problem to German customers. German customers need to have a balance of at least 150 USD to cash out and also need to pay a transaction fee. This fee is another 60 USD. Here, obviously, the customer service really needs to improve.

10. Bonus offers

AllYouBet offers 100 USD to any new customer. Though, if a customer wants to be paid out the whole amount of a win, he or she will have to deposit another 200 USD.

AllYouBet does not only concentrate on rewarding new customers, but also on existent customers.

Existent customers do receive bonus offers as well. For example, customers are able to receive a monthly bonus of 50 USD (in free bets). But only if they have placed a specific amount of NHL bets. Another bonus option for existent customers is the so-called ‘Wednesday Boost’. Every customer is enabled for a 10% bonus on all deposits. Though, this ‘boost’ is limited to a maximum of 50 USD.

With all those bonus services, this bookmaker has a pretty good position, when comparing to other competitors. The only issue is, again, the English language.

11. Conclusion

All customers, who are capable of the English language, will find a great alternative using this bookmaker. Also, fans of American sports will find what they need. The majority of AllYouBet focuses on American sports. German customers will also find a lot of football related offers, but those will be very little compare to other bookmakers. The odds on AllYouBet are pretty similar to its competitors and all in all the payouts are on a pretty good level. Especially the variety of services and bonuses are an advantage. Not only new customers, but also existent customers will profit from attractive offers and bonuses.

The impression of the website is solid, as it is equipped with the most needed features and this way it is very clear and easy to use. All in all, very consumer friendly. The only negative aspect is the language options, which, to customers, it is a significant problem. Also, the payment options for German customers are not optimal.


  • A large selection of American sports
  • Solid Odds
  • Several bonuses for new and existent customers
  • Great customer Service


  • Very little offers in terms of football
  • Website is written in the English language only
  • Limited payment options for German customers

1. Information about the provider Since 2010, AllYouBet is active on the market and its offshoots are well known companies, such as: AllSlots. This Name will already give you a clue about the core of our business AllSlots: hunting for luck in an online casino. This offers a lot of…

AllYouBet Review

Web page - 8
Mobile App - 9
Bonus offer - 7.5
Live Betting - 7.5
Sport Coverage - 8


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