1. Information about the provider

10bet is a London based bookmaker active on the sports betting market since 2003. With a license on Curacao, it has the right for offering a betting and casino platform. At the moment, 10bet has a customer count of 750.000 from all over the world and the number is still growing, due to its extensive range of offers.

2. Registration information

The registration is easily done on the 10bet homepage www.10bet.com. The button is proportionally big and very visible. There are two separate steps to the registration. First the user has to give some personal information, name and address. It´s of upmost importance that the user has reached the legal age of 18 years. At this stage, the user has the chance to set his own username and password. Next, the given information is confirmed. Beside the user profile, the sports betting fan can also customize the account to his pleasing. Here the most important settings involve the language, currency and the display of odds. A deposit limit can also be set independently by the user. Now, all the settings are confirmed and the site sends out a validation email with a link that unlocks the account. The complete spectrum of offers is now available for the sports betting fan.

3. Information about the website

The presentation and composure of the site is clearly arranged. It is very easy to navigate through the different sections. In the headline of the homepage the user can select if he wants to place a bet or play at the casino. If the user selects sports betting, a list appears on the left side of the screen listing the different sports. With a click on one sport, another menu opens on the bottom, where the user can choose leagues and offered games. The bets are easy to find and to tip on, by clicking on them. By clicking on different bets and tipping on them, the users add them to their betting slip, which is adequately displayed. On the betting slip there are more detailed information about the quotas and possible winnings.

4. Offered bets and bet odds

In comparison to other providers it becomes quite clear that 10bet doesn´t have to hide from its competitors. Beside the sports betting, 10bet also offers various live bets and casino games. The sports betting section especially features a wide range of offers. In addition to the usual sports like basketball, soccer, tennis, handball, ice hockey, horse races, etc. there are also more exotic options. MMA fights, Australian rules, rugby or cricket to name a few. With this spread there is something to bet on for almost every sports betting fan. The offered leagues also speak for the provider, in addition to the top leagues there are a lot of lower classes to choose from. Another asset of 10bet, and another standing leg against the competition are its good odds. On average, the payment key is 94 percent, sometimes even 97. The customer also benefits from the fact that the provider pays the betting tax.

5. Live-Betting program

Live bets are another option in the range of offers at 10bet. The live bets are always good for a change of pace and deliver excitement and unpredictability. The quotas can change in the course of a minute, depending on the situation on the field. Users can follow their live bets in the upper menu bar of the homepage, the different games are easy to find and to overview. With a click on a live game, the site gives information about the score and the remaining playing time. In comparison, the live betting sector of 10bet is very respectable, the betting enthusiasts can bet on almost every sports.

6. Special Features and Helping Tools

The bookmaker surprises its customers by paying the 5 percent betting tax. This is a very unusual feature between the different betting providers. That way, the users get to take 5 percent more of their winnings home, which can amount to a reasonably large sum.

7. Mobile Betting Offer

To go with the times, 10bet also offers a free app, where customers are able to bet on 27 different sports without restrictions. The presentation on the app is similar to the website in design and structure. The menu navigation also is implemented in a simple and intuitive manner. A strong focus on king soccer is detectable on the app, but users can also bet on a variety of other sports. Basketball, Tennis, Ice-Hockey and various exotic sports are being offered. The range of mobile offers of the bookmaker is adequate but improvable. While the European leagues are very varied and strongly numbered, the German soccer leagues are only available to the first three.

8. Customer-Service

10bet surprises with a solid performance on the customer-service front, compared to other providers. There is a 24/7 service hotline for the German sports betting fans. However, the test shows that on some occasions the person on the other line does not speak German, but English. Over all, it is safe to say that the customer-service staff is competent. A live chat with the staff is also available, in addition to a contact form, which can be found on the homepage.

9. Payment Option

10bet offers various payment methods, but PayPal and immediate transfers are not included. Giropay is also nowhere to be found. Payment is possible with credit card, Skrill, Paysafecard and Ecopayz. The sports betting enthusiast can also go the classical way of transferring money from the bank. Because 10bet only offers limited payment options, it can only be rated in the middle field of betting providers. Competitors have a far more diverse spread of attractive payment options.

10. Bonus Offers

The bonus offers of 10bet are top of the charts. New clients receive up to 200€ when they insert the right code for their deposit. In general, 50 percent of a deposit are distributed as bonus credit to the users account. The bonus program is displayed in the normal fashion, on the homepage of the bookmaker. Before the bonus can be requested, the user has to roll the amount multiple times over. In comparison to other providers, the bonus has to be implemented with a minimal odd of 1,6 in the next 90 days. Beside the bonus payment for new clients, 10bet also offers other attractive offers that are always changing. A glance at the homepage once in a while is therefore a smart and sometimes very lucrative opportunity. For those opportunities the users have to click on the menu section „promotional offers“. There they can find the current promotions for bonuses in e.g.: horse races, Football games or Tennis tournaments.

11. Conclusion

The bookmaker benefits from the years of experience in the business. Primarily the offers lean towards the British market, but German clients are also able to profit from the wide range of offers and the solid quotas. With a license from Curacao, 10bet is one of the more secure hosts in sports betting comparison. The wide spread of sports to choose from is one of 10bets major strengths, for there are not only the classical betting options, but also a lot of exotic sports. The odd average of 94 percent is solid and with chances of reaching 97 percent they don´t have to hide. The major flaw of 10bet is its limited spread of payment methods, the lack of PayPal and immediate transfer. However, the deposits can be transferred in a serious, fast and secure manner via credit card or Skrill.


Odds between 94 – 97 percent
Lucrative bonuses for new customers
Changing promotional offers
Wide range of offers
Free app
24/7 customer service
No betting tax


Limited payment methods
Customer service sometimes only in English
Webdesign not very attractive
No video-livestreams
No PayPal available

1. Information about the provider 10bet is a London based bookmaker active on the sports betting market since 2003. With a license on Curacao, it has the right for offering a betting and casino platform. At the moment, 10bet has a customer count of 750.000 from all over the world…

10bet Review

Web page - 8.5
Mobile App - 9
Bonus offer - 7
Live Betting - 7.5
Sport Coverage - 7


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